Fatherhood in 136 words:

I’m putting my son to bed.  He recently turned three and his speaking ability remains a work in progress (impressive vocabulary but his enunciation results in having to “best guess” what he’s saying about half the time). 

We read bedtime stories and say our prayers and turn off the light.  I lay down with him to sing him a song or two.  The usual. 

During the second song, he holds up his finger and says “I’ve got a booboo on my finger.”

“Oh, that’s too bad.  I’ll kiss it and make it better.”  I take that precious little hand and kiss the tip of his finger and then hear…

“No, I’ve got a booger on my finger, Daddy.  A booger.”

So I went outside and kissed my wife squarely on the lips…then told her the story.