Bethany is a smart, kind, gorgeous and wonderful woman.  She’s also an avid supporter of live theater.  Fate cast her to live in Texas, but she has a Broadway spirit and a rather extraordinary singing voice.
Through the help of various friends and connections in the Dallas theater community, Derek was able to secure a private "behind-the-scenes" tour of the Winspear Opera House at the AT&T Performing Arts Center.  Opened in October 2009, the Winspear is considered one of the premier theater venues in the world.  Joining the tour that night were Bethany’s brother (Greg) and his wife and daughter.
The tour concluded on the Winspear’s stage, where a Steinway grand piano had been set up (this was all pre-arranged, unbeknownst to the lady).  Bethany jokingly asked the tour guide if her brother could play the piano.  The guide – who was in on everything – said that would be fine.  Greg is an extremely accomplished pianist and filled the opera hall with beautiful music.  Derek then revealed to Bethany that the night had, in fact, been planned around allowing her Broadway dreams to come true (or at least as close as possible), and that her brother had the music for her favorite Broadway tunes.
The generous staff of the Winspear adjusted the stage lighting and duplicated a performance atmosphere.  The LED-chandelier was lit, the spotlights were beamed onto the stage, and Bethany performed three songs with such beauty and grace, it tugged at Derek’s heart (she then set toes to tapping with her super-hot rendition of “All That Jazz” from the musical "Chicago"). 
At the end of her set, Derek told her he’d like to sing one as well (yes, he sings…more or less). Derek asked Bethany’s brother if he knew the accompaniment to “Bethany’s Song”…  Also unbeknownst to Bethany, this was a song Derek had written especially for her (and the entire extent of his songwriting repertoire) and which he and Greg had secretly practiced over the weekend (where Greg developed the piano accompaniment to the song).
As Derek sang the opening lines of "Bethany’s Song", tears filled her eyes (Derek’s singing often makes people cry…and more often run away screaming, but she stayed in place…probably because he was holding her hands, thus preventing any escape).  She laughed and cried, and at the end of the song, Derek told her he loved her, dropped to one knee (largely out of exhaustion), presented her the ring and asked for her hand in marriage…all on the stage of the Winspear Opera House.
And then…she said “YES”.  Foolish girl.
That’s the tale of how Derek and Bethany became engaged.  In June the following year, the two were wed on the beaches of Puerto Vallarta. 
Their story continues to be written.

So you want to know something interesting about Derek Blount that doesn’t have anything to do with his writing?  How about the smartest thing he’s ever done?  Will that work? 
The answer is simple: he married a woman way above his paygrade.  How did he ever manage such a thing?  Well, therein lies the story of interest.  The question was popped on August 24th in 2010, and it went a little something like this...