How would YOU like to win an autographed advance copy of SECOND SON prior to the novel's release date?

You would? Well then...

Snap a photo of yourself with HOSTILE TAKEOVER (your face doesn't have to be visible if you'd prefer anonymity) and post it on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or Snapchat or Pinterest or just about anything and include the hashtag #HostileTakeoverAllOver to enter the contest. That's it. No complicated entry forms. Just a selfie of you and a great book.

Your  motivation? Well, what if you could go back in time and get a copy of THE FIRM by John Grisham with an autograph dated prior to that book's release? And the book is even stamped as a PROOF version?

Just think, your advance copy of SECOND SON could  be worth tens of dollars some enter!

Oh, and you get the added benefit of sharing your love of reading with your friends and family...and helping the author create awareness in the market for HOSTILE TAKEOVER. You're a philanthropist! And a good-looking one at that.